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Welcome to Eurochem Dafwater Sdn Bhd

Mother nature provide us with air, water and sunshine for free.

The air, water and sunshine fertile the land for various agricultural activities, and the process of agriculture products flourished various other industries from small cottage industries to mega scale factories such as paper mill, palm oil mill, food processing, rubber glove, rubber tyre, plastic making, textile and the list go on and on.

Unfortunately, the use of fresh air, water and sunshine from mother nature in various industries ultimately create waste and pollutant that contaminate the water that we need and air that we breathe.

The environment sometime clean itself naturally but sometime the pollutant and waste are just too much that every being owes a duty and obligation to help to clean the environment of pollutant and waste.

Mother nature need helps too from all of us to clean and recycle the pollutant and waste created by us for if we neglect this duty and obligation we will soon runs out of clean water and fresh air and the only consequent is disaster of an irreversibly epic scale.

Here in EUROCHEM DAFWATER, we specialize in water and waste water treatment to help mother nature achieve an equilibrium and balance to clean and clarify water and waste water for the betterment of mankind and for future generation to come.

Air, water and sunshine are provided free of charge by mother nature and it is upon all of us to pay the price to clean them so we have indefinite supply of clean water and fresh air.

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