Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

  • Design

  • Consultation

  • Supply of KROFTA / KWI DAF

    – DAF as pre-treatment, fiber recovery, white water recovery, chemical treatment
    – DAF usage in various industries

  • Reinstallation and Recommissioning of Krofta DAF System

    Specializes in upgrading old Krofta DAF system and give a new life for the DAF system in new location/industry

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) & Chemical

  • Tuning of DAF system to optimize chemical usage and optimum floatation

    DAF system require fine tuning with chemical dosage and different type of chemical use, to optimize the usage of the chemical to reduce use of chemical

  • Chemical Jar Test ,Chemical Supply & Dosing System

    Specializes chemical supply for the treatment plant.

    Chemical preparation and dosing system.

Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Design, Consultation & Supply of complete water waste and water treatment system

    Personnels with over 30 experience in the industry, we can identify the pros and cons of the system available in the market, thus giving us the edge in the industry.

  • Water treatment for municipal water

    Potable water treatment

Chain, Scrapper & Filter Press

  • Design, Consultation & Supply of non-metallic scrapper and chain system

    Specializes in Non-Metallic Chain and Flight Scrappers for the API Separator, DAF separator, water and waste water treatment plant scrapper. With innovative design certified for ATEX Zone Zero (0)

  • Design, Consultation & Supply of filter press and belt press

    Sludge recovery and management with filter press and belt press.